My Priorities

Responsible Growth

As a growing Township, increased land use development and pressure on Township services will continue to rise as will revenue from the same sources – it’s a balancing act.

However, as growth opportunities increase, adopting a proactive strategic planning approach that engages residents, businesses, developers and Township representatives will ensure integrity of our existing Official plans and Zoning By-laws while considering our unique and rural position within the county as an area surrounded nature & beauty to be preserved and protected.

As your Councillor I will;

  • Support a comprehensive Strategic Plan that determines the Township’s priorities over the next four years through active consultation with Members of Council, Township staff and community that;
    • Is aligned with the County of Renfrew’s Official Plan (which our Township currently operates under)
    • Considers recommendations put forth by the Growth Readiness Action Plan.
    • Considers innovative opportunities for different types of housing for seniors, families and individuals. Work to reduce development fees to support building priority housing types.
  • Zoning By-Laws – Support positive and responsible growth by ensuring our zoning bylaws retain their integrity and intended purpose and are met with careful study upon requests for significant change that may have far reaching impacts, particularly, the creation of undersized and high density lots.
  • Economic Development – Aligned with responsible growth, our economic development strategy needs to be part of and aligned with our strategic plan with a viable and representative committee made up of members of the community and council, to attract and retain the right businesses that support our community directly through employment and services. Ensure new growth segments such as Short Term Accommodations are regulated to promote tourism but also retain the beauty of our township and lessen impact to residents.
  • Community Services – Seniors, Medical Services, Pharmacy, Home Support, and Food Bank, are key components to a healthy and independent community. Working with those groups, the community to identify gaps within our support network will enable us to understand and respond proactively to changing needs. Work with Council, Township, County and Provincial representatives to develop physician recruitment strategies that align with our needs.
  • Children & Youth – We have an abundance of recreational and youth opportunities but organization, accessibility and affordability may be barriers to helping them grow. I will work with the community to understand concerns and priorities for youth and work to determine availability of funding opportunities to support them.
  • Roads & Transportation – Work with all levels of government (Council, Township & County) to determine priorities throughout the township. Work to ensure the 508 thru-way through the village is safe for vehicles and pedestrians, and support longer term strategy for 508 upgrades as road use increases.
  • Services – Ensure township services are reviewed as part of our strategic planning to continue to align with growth and opportunities for partnerships are considered.


Trust, accountability and transparency are core values that I live by and values you can expect. With a collaborative and teamwork approach, I will promote partnerships within Council, Township, Community and Business to help move important issues forward positively with consensus and foster honest and open communication.

  • Support Our Mayor – Our Mayor is our connection to many opportunities and a voice both locally and at the county table. I will commit to supporting our mayor by continually providing key information from our community to ensure local issues are heard and priorities can be determined. I will support new and ongoing engagement with the County to ensure our Township remains an active partner to influence opportunities that benefit us.
  • Partnerships – Work with the Township and Council to identify and promote cost sharing opportunities for services or assets with neighbouring townships, the County or other partners to gain additional value otherwise not realized individually.
  • Fiscal Responsibility – Through partnership with our Township, gain a full understanding of the Township budget including current and historical trends and short and long term plans. Work to reduce or minimize impact to property tax which and ensure procurement align with operating plans.
  • Asset Management – Work to ensure our asset management plan is current, relevant and supports proactive planning and management to avoid unnecessary costs and consider cost sharing opportunities.
  • Standing Committees – Help to identify and create and restart committees to focus on key areas and allow residents to participate and provide recommendations to Council on a regular basis.

Community Engagement

Community Engagement is a key success factor for any Council and Township to be effective.

An open and respectful link between community and Council is the first step to establishing trust and enabling participation with our community who have important topics of concern but also skills and experience that can benefit everyone.

To enable this, I will work toward developing new and effective ways to engage our community by; 

  • Adopt a Community Engagement Strategy to ensure residents can become involved in important decisions that impact them most. Support the development of a Community Engagement Group (CEG) made up of engaged residents throughout the Township to act as resident ambassadors passionate about the well being of their areas.
  • Communication
    • Provide regular, comprehensive and accessible communication via website and social media on relevant information and provide the ability to easily engage with myself to voice concerns and provide feedback.
    • Internet – Determine and communicate current and future plans for adequate internet coverage access across the township. Advocate for adequate service in low coverage and low speed areas.
    • Electronic Message Boards – Support new opportunities to communicate widely through use of electronic message boards within to provide timely messages.
  • Community Events – Promote and support community involvement through new supportive priorities and events hosted by community groups.
  • Education, Library, & Childcare – Supporting our residents and their families provides strength to our community. Working with our public representatives, private services, service groups and residents to ensure current services remain sustainable.
  • Tourism – Work to establish measurement and understanding of our current and future tourism impacts with ongoing measurement to fully understand demand and changes as it impacts our roads/traffic, our attractions and businesses to sustain increased growth.

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