As one of your Councillors, I’ve heard you and will continue to listen and engage with you along with my council and Township colleagues.

There is lots to do and plenty of room for all to contribute and we’ll be calling upon our community for help whether it be on a committee, provide helpful advice or anywhere else you can help – keep watching the site, Facebook and emails for more information to come!

Let’s Grow – Together!

My Vision for the Future

Build a better community that grows together.

Through effective leadership that is approachable, transparent, and accountable, I will foster responsible growth and community engagement to ensure what we do and how we do it is right for our community; is sustainable and respectful of our environment; and enables businesses to contribute through service and employment.

We will build on our strength as a community by welcoming new residents, families, businesses, and visitors to live, work, play, and contribute – a community that is connected and engaged through involvement in important decisions and opportunities that affect it.

My Priorities

Responsible Growth

Responsible growth means taking into consideration the impact of change on everyone who is affected by it. To achieve it, we need to

– Create a strategic plan that adequately engages residents, businesses, developers, and township representatives.

– Ensure that our bylaws support development, are comprehensive, and are aligned with our strategies to preserve and protect our rural landscape.

– Determine and address our community’s program and service needs – e.g., housing, healthcare, home care, senior support, internet.

– Support economic development to ensure that we attract and retain the right businesses – ones that integrate with and support our community.


I am committed to providing effective leadership on council – leadership that listens; is approachable, transparent, and accountable; and that works both with and for you.

I will collaborate with Council, township, and local services, businesses and residents to ensure that important issues move in the right direction.

I will support our Mayor by continually providing important information from our community to ensure that local issues are heard and priorities can be determined through inclusivity.

I will support new and ongoing engagement with the County to ensure that our Township remains as an active partner to influence opportunities that benefit it.

Community Engagement

Community engagement is key to our success. As a trusted partner, I will engage in and listen to your concerns and bring them forward when key decisions are being made that impact our residents and their families.

I will take the time to learn about the impact of issues facing our community and effectively share information through honest, straightforward communication.

To do this, we will consider new and creative ways to reach our community through innovative initiatives that strengthen and celebrate our community.

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